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Mill Valley Contra Dance Preceded by a Free Lesson

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Let's all pile in and get to Mill Valley this Thursday.

The Latter Day Lizards, the favorite band of most dance gypsies, will be in the Bay Area this weekend. At Mill Valley we get all four of them and we get them first. The Latter Day Lizards blend swing, rock-and-roll and jazz influences with traditional foot-stomping dance music to make an innovative, spontaneous and rhythmically inflammatory sound. Peter Barnes on piano, guitar and flute, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, sax and drum, Dave Langford on guitar and fiddle and Mark Murphy on bass. Lynn Ackerson will be the caller.

Admission: $12.00; $7.00 for financially challenged and young adults. Free lesson at 7:00.

NOTE: Please help NBCDS conserve resources by bringing your own water bottles/mugs to dances. Scent-free dancing is greatly appreciated as many have severe allergies. Parents, all non–dancing children must be supervised.

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BEGINNERS are welcome! Please join us for a free lesson a half hour before the dance begins to learn the basic moves. Wear low, smooth-soled shoes, and loose, comfortable clothes. You can come alone or with a partner — our dances are friendly and inclusive, and you’ll probably end up dancing with most of the people in the hall. Remember: “if you can walk you can do this form of dance.” Beginners lesson at 7:00.

About Our Dances: Contra and English Country Dance (ECD) are fun, easy to learn, and accompanied by live music. Before each dance, the caller teaches the dance and continues to prompt dancers as needed once the band starts. Because the pattern of moves is repeated often, you learn quickly. Very little footwork is required — just a smooth walking step. Contra dance music features fantastic fiddle tunes, driving Celtic rhythms, Cajun, old-timey and sometimes dashes of Eastern-European and swing. English Country dance music features lively jigs and reels, lyrical triple-time melodies and waltzes.

Dances are sponsored by the North Bay Country Dance Society, a non-profit organization that promotes and produces American and English Country Dance folk and ritual dancing, music and song in the Wine Country north of San Francisco (Sonoma & Marin counties) since 1992. (

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