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8:00PM at Hamilton Field


Few films helped shape the world of Japanese Animation ('anime') in the 80's like Hayao Miyazaki's milestone work, 'KAZE NO TANI NO NAUSICAÄ' (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind). An epic adventure of environmental and apocalyptic themes originally spanning a huge illustrated manga comic series in Japan that visionary Miyazaki and his relatively new animation group (Studio Ghibli) transformed into a beautiful, kinetic and sweeping film that almost 30 years later is just as breathtaking and evocative as it was in 1984. Disney did a fantastic job remastering and bringing together superb voice talent with Patrick Stewart, Edward James Olmos, Uma Thurman and Alison Lohman.

Set in an 'end of the world' future of retro technology, wild flying machines and vast wastelands, we follow the young, capable Princess Nausicaä on a journey from her oasis valley home, protected by wind currents from the lethal toxins of the Poison Forests and the deadly insect hordes. She must protect the Valley of the Wind, her people and the fragile recovery as the same old human follies threaten to reawaken forces that caused our downfall in the first place.

NAUSICAÄ will be presented in High Def and will be kicking off our 2012 season, our SIXTH YEAR doing the North Bay Drive In!! We can't wait to see everyone again, and all the new faces as well. Laura will be offering treats and drinks at the Concession Stand and as always, we ask for whatever donations you can spare to help us keep the Drive-In Dream alive. :) You can always donate a few bucks to the link on the side of the main page or via this link:

EVENT INFO & RULES: (please read!)

...We're a mobile DRIVE-IN, keeping the authentic experience alive as best we can! We project a big 30 foot wide image on the side of the Old Hamilton Theater building (closed for many years now) and transmit the audio over the FM band (88.3FM) just like modern drive-ins. We operate totally via donations and even have a small concession snack bar at each performance, in addition to raffle prizes and special presentations during the intro and intermission segments!! COME JOIN US and KEEP THE DRIVE-IN ALIVE!

Drive-In Tips:
Arrive early if you plan to park and watch from your car! There's lots of space chairs and blankets in front of the cars. Pre-show runs 15-20 minutes and starts at 8:30. There will be a 20 minute intermission and raffle. PLEASE observe a 3MPH SPEED LIMIT when driving in the parking area. Children are welcome, but we ask you supervise them at all times. Same with pets, we welcome them but they must be on leash. -- The access to the parking lot CLOSES when the movie starts, so please do not arrive late and expect to watch from your car (lawn chair/blanket late arrivals are OK). We get a lot of 9:30 and later arrivals lately and it's just not fair to those who got there on time or earlier to let more cars in at that point.

Drive-In Etiquette:
PLEASE KEEP CAR LIGHTS OFF during the show. If you have a car that cannot be parked with the radio running without lights coming on, you MUST PARK OFF SITE and go the lawn chair route! NO EXCEPTIONS. During the movie, please keep talking and walking around to a minimum. We ask folks to refrain from smoking close to other cars or attendees.

Snack Bar & Raffles:
DONATE for SNACKS at our Concession Stand equipped with popcorn, hot dogs, candy and refreshments! There's usually themed cupcakes and/or other treats plus A RAFFLE with awesome prizes!! Raffles are held during intermission and usually feature a movie-themed prize-pack!... And always - Small bills greatly appreciated at the concession stand. PLEASE DON'T LITTER -- TAKE ALL TRASH WITH YOU OR DEPOSIT IT WITH US AT THE CONCESSION STAND!

ADVERTISING is available during our pre-show, please email Bill at [masked] for details. It's an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business to an audience of anywhere from 40 to 100+!

DONATIONS are what makes this happen! You can donate at the show or via this helpful PAYPAL link with your major credit card: -bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FPSANEDWB97AW