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Are you interested in various software technologies, frameworks and tools to develop applications in all the various devices and cloud computing? Do you wish you had some people to talk about software, programming and how these tools are interesting from a techie to entrepreneur perspective? Do you want to do deep dives into a new software technologies and get past the shiny features and know can this really work for me? We are a new group starting in North Adams to build a community of technologists with a focus on application development and software engineering. We are not focused on any platform, language or technology stack. We would like to share experience and hear about other technology approaches from people that would like to share the pain or love they felt. We would like to take some of these new technologies that may be fun to try and as a group possibly develop applications to help motivate and give back to our community. Please join us to help shape what this group can be in North Adams and Northern Berkshire area.

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Startup & Side Project Presentations

Cloud85 Co-Working Space

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