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Welcome to North Carolina Liberty Alliance Meet-up. The purpose of our meet-up group is to organize, educate, and unite The People, and to Restore the American Constitutional Republic by Restoring the Sovereignty of The People and the Common Law (the People's Law). All Liberty-minded people are welcomed to join and learn, so that, together, we might save our Republic, and Restore the Blessings of Liberty, to Ourselves, and our Posterity.


Our Mission is to restore The People to Sovereignty through knowledge of our Common Law Heritage. Then, armed with Knowledge, Responsibility, Virtue, to take back the political and judicial authority and power, which, through our ignorance and apathy, has been taken from us. We The People have it in our power to disarm and defeat the enemies of Liberty, both foreign and domestic, if we only understand the Principles of Liberty, and stand upon them.

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