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Connecting Yoga and Meditation teachers in Central Ohio.

Let's meet and share best practices, learn and grow as teachers/facilitators, and work collaboratively to create the unity and connection that is yoga. We will meet & greet, practice yoga and meditation, and share our experiences as teachers and yogis. Let's create this group together; tell me what you need, and for what you wish. Be a part of a community that can stand with you in being your passion in the world. I look forward to asanaing, meditating, and dialoguing with you!


Annamarie Fernyak


Thoughts by Claudia Cummins - Yoga/Meditation Teacher:

My greatest hope for the group is that it will facility a feeling of community among yoga teachers in the area. In some communities I know of, yoga teachers act like competitors. In other communities, they act as collaborators. It would be wonderful to ride on the energy you're creating with MBA to create a supportive and friendly network of teachers in our area.

I could see the following possibilities:

- an opportunity to get to know the different teaching approaches of the teachers in our area (I am often asked for recommendations, and because I don't personally know many of the teachers and have never experienced their teaching, I don't feel comfortable offering more than a handful of names. I would love to be able to be a little more familiar with who teaches what, so I can offer better recommendations).

- an opportunity to learn more about various styles of yoga and other healing modalities in our community. I would love to have a massage therapist come offer a short class on partner massage, a tai chi teacher familiarize us with the art, an essential oils aficionado share their wisdom, an acupuncturist come tell us about their practice, etc. I would also love to hear from other yoga teachers who have participated in various training's, so I can learn a bit from them secondhand.

- an opportunity to learn more about where yoga is being taught in our community, to share leads on organizations that may be looking for teachers, and also to generate connections for those looking to teach jointly or substitute teach

- an opportunity to come together to offer some sort of more coordinated outreach for the community. Perhaps at some point we could even seek out a grant that enables us to offer yoga to under-served segments of the population.

My own gut feeling is that keeping it loose and informal might allow it to shape itself into whatever sort of gathering place ends up working best for all involved. I would encourage mutual support and friendliness throughout it all. I think it will be a wonderful addition to the community.

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