The Heart of The Work

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Note: run on Queensland Time.

The Work is sometimes called the written meditation. Using the process of The Work we can learn how deeply question our stressful beliefs. This involves crossing over from the left side rational brain to the right side I don't know mind. Then we can free ourselves from old ruts and see life in a new light. Inquiry helps us to look inside of ourselves for the answers, there we can discover true freedom and Joy.

As I am offering this session through the Shambhala group, there will also be an optional Art Session from 9:00am - 11:00 to help you open your creative mind.

The Byron Katie Work session is from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. Meet your stressful beliefs with inquiry and see who you would be with out them. Asking the 4 questions is a simple and radical way to move towards a life of Loving What Is.

Facilitated by Mark Cave. Certified Facilitator of The Work with over sixteen years experience in The Work.

Both sessions (Art & The Work) $35:00 or $30:00 for The Work only.