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As of today, May 5th, 2015, I am officially closing down my foodie group, but will leave up the website here for a little while to "preserve" the pictures. It's been grand, everyone ... arline

LOVE to cook? LOVE to eat? LOVE all things food? Constantly taking pictures of wonderful plates of food? Do you drool when looking through food magazines and cookbooks? Love sharing all of the above with friends? Then maybe this group is for you! I am starting this group because I qualify for all of the above and more. I have a varied background in that I love to cook and eat, engaged in a small catering concern years ago and want others to join me that have similar interests. I encourage all WOMEN (only) who are "experienced" cooks (thirties and better who've done a little more than boil water) to meet and plan on enjoying the group - meeting wonderful women, engage in lots of laughing & share in our mutual passions; there are many friendships to be made. I am initially planning on meeting once or twice a month and am always open to and prefer suggestions from you! The plans are to have each of you volunteer to host a dinner at your home once in a while so that we ALL can take turns. Sometimes it will be a potluck dinner, with or without a theme ... sometimes it will be a themed dinner (or lunch, of course) whereby the hostess decides to prepare the entire meal and she will determine the cost upfront and we each will pay her for her food expenses. Dinners will typically be $8-$14 each, depending. If you CAN'T host an event at your home, perhaps you can organize and host an event or day-or-night excursion to a restaurant or culinary destination. Or, perhaps you can host it at another person's home.

Sometimes we will bring wine or the hostess will provide this and that will then be included in her cost. The whole idea is to meet each other and exchange great recipes and great conversation with a lot of fun thrown in, too. We're hoping for lots of international types of food as well as good 'ole American foods so we all can be exposed to the wonderful and varied world of cooking. I'm also hoping to organize a day trip or two sometime to a culinary center of interest - maybe a restaurant or two, also. I might add that if you are a vegan or vegetarian, this is probably not the group for you; but there ARE many other Meetups that are. There's so much out there to learn, experience and enjoy in the culinary world. And I'm sure you all have something to contribute. I look forward to meeting every one of you and sharing our mutual passion.

Only a couple of simple requests and guidelines: You must provide a "recent" and legible actual picture of yourself when submitting your profile, i.e., no high school graduation pics, lol, or you wearing an astronaut helmet (yes, I did get that)! Your application will be quickly considered. Once approved, you are welcome to attend a Meetup (or two) within the first 30 days following your acceptance (your "trial" period). If you then choose to join, if you haven't already, your membership fee of $10 for a year will be required before any further Meetups can be attended by you. If our membership numbers grow over a period of time, the subsequent renewals will be less in cost due to more women sharing in the Meetup charges I pay. Any overage that we may incur later down the line will be used for additional expenses such as wines, special events, etc. This will be a fun "me-time" for all of us - a time to get away from the house and day-to-day activities and experience the joy of cooking and women's friendship. We also expect that any foods brought to an event by you are homemade ... no Costco or other prepared-type of foods, please - lol (but seriously). Last moment emergencies can be "excepted," IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, by bringing a bottle of wine or similar and checking with me first - but often your dish is being depended upon towards the group. Thanks so much for joining - I promise you will have an enlightened, scrumptious and friendly environment in which to thrive and broaden your culinary horizons.

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