Intellectual Meetup #60 - Duty

North County Intellectual Discussion Meetup
North County Intellectual Discussion Meetup
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Urge Gastropub & Common House

255 Redel Road · San Marcos

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Let's explore the concept of duty from a variety of perspectives and scopes:
Duty to yourself
Duty to your loved ones
Duty to strangers
Duty to your employer
Duty to a brand you love (sports teams, restaurants etc)
Duty as a citizen to your community/country/world
Duty to serve (military, police, fire)
Duty as a First World Country
Duty as a Global Superpower

As a reference, Kant discussed duty:
The Notion of Duty

There is a DISTINCTION between the "I want" (self-interest) and the "I ought" (ethics). Moral actions are not 'spontaneous' actions. That is, if I see someone in need of help, I may be inclined to 'look the other way' and attend to my own busy day, but I would recognize that I should assist in some way. For example, an elderly woman falls and is bleeding badly ... I may be on my way to work, but I recognize that I should at least seek assistance and call 911.

Considering only those actions that are seemingly good (as opposed to actions that we ordinarily recognize as wrong), there is a DISTINCTION that can still be made within Duty itself: Actions IN mere ACCORDANCE (conformity) WITH duty and actions done FROM A SENSE OF duty.