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Hey all you Filipino Martial Arts Fanatics. IT ON! I sincerely hope your ready for a fantastic and Phenomenal New Year Filipino Style. I am very pleased to announce we have a brand new meetup location: Foundation Strength and Conditioning: 5933 Sea Lion Place Suite 101 Carlsbad CA 92010 Have allowed us to use their "private" training area just for your meetups every month. And YOU Are cordially invited to our very first get together of the New Year, RSVP Right Now For Our Next North County Escrima Extravaganza We Have An Amazing Time At All of Our Meetups and get to practice with some really great people. In fact we liked it so much We Do It Every Single Month. It's Time for - More Fun With Sticks, Knives and Jujitsu - Filipino Style! In this amazing introduction to the fun and exciting Filipino martial arts you will quickly learn: - Easy ways to defend yourself fast - Effective stick and knife attacks and defenses - How to hit your opponent before he can blink and eye - How to appear blinding fast to your oppponent without breaking a sweat. - Flow drills that teach you how to naturally flow from one technique to another. - How to convert the stick drills to knife work and knife work to empty hand. - Top Secret Pressure Point strikes that give you the best chance of winning any encounter. - The hidden secret that all the masters know and aren't going to tell you for hitting your opponents at will! and lots lots more. This is a great group of men and women who get together to learn and share their enthusiasm for the martial arts of the Filipines. And we would love to hang out and practice with you too! All ages and skill levels are welcome! We always start with the basics and work together to bring everyone up to speed at their own pace and always in a safe easy-going and fun atmosphere. To put it bluntly we have a blast! This meetup fills up very quickly so please rsvp early to make sure you get your spot, before someone else takes it. We have become very popular lately and because we are now meeting indoors space is very limited to first come first serve. If you love the Martial Arts of The Filipines this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Grab it before someone else does. RSVP ASAP Before the slots are all gone. In other words... You really need to rsvp really really quick now. OR Risk Losing Your Chance This meetup is open to all ranks and experience levels. We will be sharing and exchanging techniques as well as practicing basic drills of the stick, knife and empty hand disarms, movement and flow patterns for which the martial arts of the Phillipines are famous. Bring sticks if you have them, otherwise we may have a few training sticks available for you to work with. Lets get together and have some fun Filipino Style! If you have any questions please contact me at David@sandiegoblackbelt.com Tell your friends. Talk to you soon. David Learn more here: https://www.meetup.com... Come On Out and Check Out Our New Home!

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