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Live Your Dream Life NOW!
Amplified by the total lunar eclipse AND the full moons' energy let's get your DREAM LIFE rollin'!!!! ♥ We'll be in the Treehouse room at Union Cowork North Park. When I checked this space out it felt amazing and we have a great view of this huge tree right outside the windows. (See it in the photos for this event) I had to have it. This is NOT your same 'ole New Years' resolution workshop! Blah, Blah!! New Years' resolutions are a way to put your dream life, dream job, dream relationship, dream physical and mental well being outside of you and always into the future. Something you have to reach, strive to get, etc. Let's bring your dreams into the NOW so you can stop feeling stuck, unhappy, restless, in pain and aimless. Remember when you were a kid and everything felt easy. Ok, maybe not easy ALL the time. But when it didn't go the way you wanted or the way you dreamt it you just kept it moving. Finding a way around to do or be the thing you loved. This ease is what is in my heart to create with you. I know it feels like the world is going to hell in a hand basket and focusing on ourselves might seem counter intuitive. BUT if you are living your DREAM LIFE and loving the way you feel, physically and mentally and loving the magic that is happening in your life it will have a ripple effect! Take it from me it has HUGE ripples ♥ So let's create not just ripples but waves...a synchronistic, magical afternoon where we are safe to have totally open minds and hearts so that we can co-create YOUR dream life. So let's create not just ripples but waves...a synchronistic, magical moment for the afternoon where we are safe to have totally open minds and hearts so that we can co-create YOUR dream life. My desire is to whole heartedly hold space and provide insightful intuitive coaching so that you are able to embrace your dreams as your "real" life. Even those "little kid" dreams that you've put on the back burner for far to long. Come with little dreams, big dreams, dreams of all shapes and size so that we can make this a "flow" shop and not a workshop. You'll see new perspectives on what is possible in your life!! Here's some of what we'll do: ~Discuss the 4 stages of "Reality" We'll take a good look at where you are feeling stuck so that we can... ~Discover how to incorporate and reacquaint yourself with your dreams. ~Learn to exclusively speak from your heart to attract your tribe, lover, business partners or clients that are in alignment with you and your work. Get direct channeled/intuitive coaching so that you can leap towards your dreams. Your willingness to share your dreams is brave! Woohoo!!! Let's do this! It signals to the Universe you are ready to be supported by the loving community in the room, Christi and divine guidance. You'll walk away with a renewed sense of wonder, filled with magic, strong sense of community and numerous action items divinely orchestrated on your behalf. All you have to do is say YES. If you are called and ready to embody your limitlessness don't wait, maximum capacity for this venue is 15 people. Give it as a gift for the holidays or bring a friend and support each other ♥ . Cost $77 **Street Parking and a Parking Garage is available near the venue.

Union Cowork

3919 30th Street · San Diego

Respond by: 1/20/2019

What we're about

This group is a safe space for the expression of your soul. All the answers you seek are within you however when we reach particularly trying times we need a strong, high vibe network for support. This is that support. My intention is to share my experiences, lessons in intuitive development, channeled messages and techniques for spiritual growth so that you feel held, seen and guided along your path.

A desire for connection and mutual respect for each other's journey and processes are imperative. In keeping it real this is a no bullshit zone. I am opening my home to offer a safe space for participants to feel comfortable to discuss and participate (if you choose) in ALL things metaphysical. If you come to gawk, disprove/debunk, judge or shame this is NOT the group for you and you will promptly be asked to leave.

We come to the group standing on our own. It is my hope that we gain travelers to walk beside us on our path. This the one place where you can reveal your "deep down" and be accepted. What is your "deep down"? This is the knowledge your soul carries. It is what you have consciously or unconsciously received from the collective, source, the one, god, Buddha, etc. and the space where you would like to operate your life from.

My desire is to meet monthly to discuss various metaphysical topics such as intuitive, psychic and mediumship work as well as support you in your development in those fields. We'll discuss and connect with our star brothers and sisters, yep that's aliens. We will meditate together and collectively vision together, not sure what that is? I'm excited to share with you an off the charts way to connect deeply to what we can manifest for ourselves, each other and the planet. It's super amazing.

There is a nominal fee for each meeting to help support the group. I will provide light snacks, tea and water. This is a private residence. The address will be provided when you RSVP. I do hope you will join us.

**In case there may be allergies, we are dog owners. Just wanted to let you know <3 **

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