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Awareness Through Handwriting Analysis


Come as early as 5:15 pm to order your food and get a great seat. Class begins at 6:00 pm.
$10 = If you RSVP and pay online
$12.50 =If you RSVP but want to pay at the door
$15 = If you do not RSVP and just show up
"Awareness Through Handwriting Analysis"
Want to know more about your present relationship or be aware of the other person's issues before you start the next one? Are you self-sabotaging or have a fear of success? More importantly, would you like to know how to possibly change those destructive dynamics in your life? Ever wonder, "Why do I always......?" Learn how to change and improve yourself to have better relationships with everyone you know. Handwriting analysis is used every day by the FBI, CIA, IRS and local police and is also admissible evidence in today’s courts. Scientifically founded, learn more about who your are, who you are dating, your significant other, your spouse, co-workers, boss, neighbors, friends and etc.
After learning the 9 HELL traits and you find more than 3 of these traits in their handwriting, this will let you know that the relationship might have little promise. Many other characteristics will be taught beyond the 9 HELL traits. You will also learn why we are attracted to certain persons and many crucial elements that grow a relationship. Knowing each other's issues also provides fresh ground to discuss and work on in the relationship.
Stan has had over 18 years of training and experience analyzing thousands of handwriting samples. He has seen many people begin to understand what is really going on in their lives and why they are not getting what they want. We will have a lot of fun and you will learn skills that will be useful for you for a lifetime. Gentlemen, if this knowledge helps you avoid only one date, you will have saved more than $10. Ladies, isn't avoiding disappointment even once worth $10? Single, divorced, widowed, engaged, married - everyone, come on out! Bring a friend. They will let you know if the analysis is accurate!! You will have a blast!! Stan

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