Sprouting and fermented sprouts, the miracle of life!


Sprouting and fermented sprouts, the miracle of life!

Nothing better to see simple looking seeds exercise the potential of life.. the expression of immense extraordinary, from something that seems so ordinary. Sprouting brings forth the nutrition potential of the seed in tremendous ways. The seed, when dormant, have mechanisms in place to hold back all the nutrition potential. They wait patiently for the season to be just right. When that happens, the entire machinery gets in motion. Nutrition becomes available in abundance and the seed sprouts.. beginning of a new life!

Sprouting is extremely satisfying as an experience, and sprouts are extremely nutritious. Still, most of us don’t sprout. There are many reasons.. first, it takes patience to sprout. It can take from 2-4 days for the sprouting to complete and everyday, you need to take a bit of care. I think discipline of any kind is difficult to implement. Then, most, of us have tremendous confusion about sprouting. Do you eat them raw, do you steam them, do you cook them, how do you cook them, how to store them, what can I sprout?

The fact is.. the process of sprouting is easy. Just requires 10 mins of your day for 2-3 days. Also, sprouts are extremely versatile and you can consume them in so many different ways. All it takes is a little bit of courage to take the first step. Just like the seeds, when they get going… it just happens. So, take the first step.. rest… it will all happen!