What we're about

Either to please or to educate ("aut delectare aut prodesse est")

These are our principles: We choose a good conversation with fun, thoughtful people over clocking in more hours of "screen time". We believe that we can create our own entertainment that will feed our curiosity and appreciation instead of sowing dissatisfaction and fear. We are open for discussions both to learn as well as share. We come from all backgrounds and we tolerate all backgrounds and consider ourselves to be Nice People. We will respect the people we are conversing with and allow everyone an opportunity to offer their view without dominating discussion or rambling off on tangents. It's not about "winning" arguments as it is about enjoying the discussion and connection with our fellow Students of Life.

Conversation Group

Intelligent people talking with each other about current events, something drawn from personal experience or the timeless questions of the ages. Usually at a coffee shop, community room or in connection with some arts event.


We will alternate various social events: movies, plays, trivia nights, happy hours, lectures from members with special areas of knowledge, game nights & short online courses on intellectually-curious subjects

Book Discussion/Online Group Courses discussion

Based on suggestions provided by consensus, those interested can participate in a online courses with group discussions or book discussion club offered once or twice a year as people are interested in hosting/participating. Last year's course was through Coursera called "Big History: Connecting Knowledge".

Typical Salon Topics

* What do you do when you see a dog, obviously lost, running down the middle of the street?
* What are some of your favorite Fall Traditions?
* Aging & coming to terms with it: Do you have a deadline for the remainder of your life?
* What are you grateful for?
* What is your Ideal Fantasy Birthday Party?
* What are your opinions of paying off your home vs investing (in the stock market)?
* Where do your thoughts and personal narrative stories (I want to do this, I like this person, I should be a better person...) come from?
* Take a turn as "Philosopher King/Queen" - you have the power to make one edict/modification of society. What is your command?
* What was your secret high school celeb crush?
* Do brick and mortar bookstores have a future?

Past events (45)

Trivia night at the Loo

Waterloo Icehouse

Conversation group

Whole Foods Marketplace

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