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This group is for womyn (of any flavor of gender identity/expression) who identify as any flavor of pagan. It is NOT a 'Wiccans only' group. (I myself am not Wiccan, although I did start out that way 30 years or so ago.) ;)

I'd like to see this group include friendship, socializing, support of each other as womyn. Activities might include going out (or staying in) for tea/coffee; potluck; discussions of various topics of interest; knowledge sharing between different traditions; and other gathering as desired.

I would NOT like to see (and will not allow, frankly) any 'more pagan than thou' posturing, bullying, power-grabbing, or any other childish or rude behavior. There is more than enough magick in the Universe to go around for ALL. No one has a corner on the market of it. Let's let everyone live freely and be happy.

Please note: Anyone who demonstrates any disrespect for another member, including discrimination of ANY kind, will be summarily removed from this group. Play nice or stay at home.

Blessed be, Namaste, and Be excellent to each other.

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