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Andrew Hunt for Governor

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Let's talk about what Libertarians ( believe in and how the Libertarian ( solutions to problems are different from solutions sometimes proposed by Republicans ( and Democrats (

Andrew Hunt (, the Libertarian Party's candidate for Governor, will be the presenter. There will be a question and answer period after Andrew Hunt's presentation.

Hear about some the Libertarian solutions to problems such as how to create more and better paying jobs, better education, and Atlanta traffic.

As founder and former CEO of a leading nanotechnology company, Andrew Hunt knows the importance of a highly educated work force. He started nGimat as a “one man operation” and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer for twenty years. He developed commercial relationships with industry-leading companies as well as research partnerships with key government agencies. As a pioneer in the field of nanotechnology, he has proudly represented Georgia in numerous national and international forums where leaders from around the world collaborate to solve the most complex challenges on the planet. Andrew is the published author of four book chapters and more than fifty scientific papers. He is also an inventor, with more than fifty patents proposed, pending, or issued.

Please join Andrew Hunt tonight and bring a friend!

Doors open at 7 to order dinner, official start at 7:30, you can show up late, we understand traffic and work get in the way. The menu is here: (

The restaurant is 1.5 miles north of GA Hwy 400 (exit 9).

We welcome members of the public to join us to respectfully exchange ideas about controversial topics.

This presentation and discussion afterwards is more focused on learning and hearing different view points than winning a debate. We try to keep the discussion respectful. It's a chance to talk with and learn from people you would never meet in your existing circles. The conversations are moderated to keep things friendly.

The rules for the discussion are pretty simple: be nice, brief and on topic.

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - More Freedom - Pro Small Business - Fiscally Conservative

Please Join the North Fulton Libertarian Facebook group. The North Fulton Libertarian Meetup group will be closed down and we will be communicating just though Facebook.

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