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Weekly Angel Circle

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Weekly Angel Circles is a series of meditations designed by the Angels and provided to you by their channel, Marjorie Hilliard. Each meditation has a specific topic that the Angels wish to share with you. You are invited to join the Angels in raising your vibration and receiving their message through meditation. The Angels realize that helping your Spirit to step away from the human body allows the individual Spirit to hear their messages of love and guidance more clearly. Each meditation is designed to raise your own personal Awakening and further you along your path to Enlightenment. The meditations are magical and provide a lovely opportunity for healing the physical and emotional bodies.

Chairs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own personal items for laying or sitting on the floor. The Angels are eager to hear your ideas and welcome any requests for particular topics. They typically will answer your questions, after the meditation, through their Channel, Marjorie.

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