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For future reference please contact me directly and early if you are interested in this event. This Meetup has contingencies, for instance it may not happen if the workout that precedes it isn't happening, and it probably will not happen if there is only one confirmation unless we convert it to 'Your private hour. (40$/hour) Please NOTICE that we may meet earlier for fall-winter and or shift the venue (due to the early darkness and minimal lighting in the area.) Thanks for your understanding. What makes this workout different? For most players, it is the ability to master net play as well as enhancing the ground-strokes to create 'all-court' game, coverage, control, balance, finesse, flexibility, ... altogether low-impact (on the joints) effective play. I need minimum 24 hour notice if you are interested. Please see other meetups and/or notes under 'More' >message board to get an idea what to expect. You can also email me via my meetup profile! Skill level is usually 3.5 plus or minus... Thanks for looking!'

Crystal Springs Dr

Crystal Springs Dr · Los Angeles, Ca

Respond by: 10/19/2018

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Calling all wandering tennis lovers! I would LOVE to meet you precisely where you are with your game and help you take it to the next level through appropriate skill building exercises, drills and out-of-this-world exciting/fun competition!

In my opinion, if you consider yourself a 2.0 or less, you just haven't had the best guidance or met the right coach! Getting started in tennis can be a smooth, effortless take-off, just as the advanced game becomes once you have all the pieces to the puzzle and have hit millions of balls, LoL! In other words, though you may not be able to execute at the pace of 4.0 or higher player, you can understand what they are doing and how to emulate good form based on a few essential elements of good strokes and efficient movement.

The average ranking of folks in this meetup started out at about 3.0 plus or minus .5. Now we have players that are definitely capable of playing at 4.0 level and above as well. Remember that a 3.0 on a good day can look more like a 3.5 and vice versa versa and individual assessments of the same ranking number may vary! Anyone remember when the rating system was based on A-B-C-D!? That was pretty simple, because they added in the + or - minus for clarity. Modest players might say they were lesser players, or players who just wanted to 'win at any cost' might try to get away with assuming a lesser ranking.

Tennis doesn't have to be a complicated mystery and you too can rise in your own estimation and that of others. It's not 'rocket science'! Too many players seem to consider themselves 'stuck' in their rating level, so stuck that it's a lifetime condition! Well, if you're a hundred years old, this could be true... Otherwise, keep your outlook and mind open! If you are looking for the most logical approach to the game that considers all important factors like posture, mobility, readiness, racket handling, timing, power positions, imagination, and demeanor then this a group for you! Your questions are always welcome.

Together we can take your game to heights you may have only imagined until now. My background includes over twenty years of organizing group tennis activities, directing round robin competitions, newsletter writing and published author of my very own 'Tough Tennis' Manual, now in the revision process for an upgraded edition to this avant-garde tennis classic! My goal for you, that YOU be able to play YOUR BEST TENNIS all of the time!

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