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Introduction To Kabbalah: A 4, 000 Year Old Path To God With Dr. Jay Kantor

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Introduction To Kabbalah: A 4, 000 Year Old Path To God With Dr. Jay Kantor

Rooted in deep antiquity, from the time of ancient Babylon, the wisdom of Kabbalah has remained virtually hidden from humanity since it appeared more than four thousand years ago. To this very day, only a few know what Kabbalah really is.

In simpler words, there is an upper, all-inclusive force, or “the Creator,” controlling everything in reality. All the world’s forces descend from this comprehensive force. Some of these forces are familiar to us, such as gravity or electricity, while there are forces of a higher order that act while remaining hidden to us.

Kabbalah holds the map or the knowledge of how these hidden forces are structured, and the laws by which they influence us. It teaches us how to develop a sense of these forces, and finally, discover their only purpose – to bring us to the revelation of the Creator, the all-inclusive law of nature, while living in this world.

Tonight's video program will provide you a lucid understanding of the deep philosophy offered by the Kabbalah regarding who you are in relationship to the Creator and how you can experience your true purpose in life, during this lifetime.

Join us to share in the viewing and discussion of these incredible videos exploring Kabbalah. I was amazed at the clarity of these presentations and the message they deliver.

We begin at 7:30PM.

For more information about the organizer: http://DrJayKantor.Com .