What we're about

This group is created to Unlock the Industries Financial Secrets to Money. We also join business investors together as well as mentor newbees into the business world.

I have been involved with business all my life in every aspect from legal to ownership to marketing to sale. I have been able to live my dreams within a humble lifestyle. I will show you how things really work. How not to get scammed and understand the system so you can turn things around in your favor.

Here are some topics we cover....

What are the secrets to buying a home?
How does credit really work?
How does Leasing Cars really work?
How does Mortgages really work?
How does the industry arrive to give you your credit score?
What is residual income?
What is passive residual income?
What are royalties?
What is debt consolidation?
How do you manage your money and understand the difference between what you need and what you want?

All of these questions about are very important topics and we will review each one in a meeting. We will have Q&A sessions afterwards.

We will have Industry experts from the Banking, Mortgage, and Financial fields available for presenting all of this material. You will leave with powerful Financial knowledge so that you can be able to negotiate the best lease, mortgage, and debt consolidation. You will also be able to learn techniques and understand how to build your credit.

The biggest item we will discuss is how to live an Interest free life when it comes to banking, leasing, borrowing, saving, and investing.

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Business and Investment Club Meeting

Kabab Paradise

Talk about how much can I really afford?

Dunkin Donuts "Next to WillIam Sonoma"

How credit scores work, Protecting your credit from Fraud!

Dunkin Donuts "Next to WillIam Sonoma"

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