What we're about

This is a meetup for people interested in playing tabletop games. Local north/central jersey game developers will often (but not always) bring games under development to demo and playtest. Help support local business and developers by testing their games. All that's required is a willingness to provide honest (and polite) feedback. Understand that a game could be in any stage of development and may be rough around the edges.

We'll start in April and will meet (hopefully) at least once a month. When we announce a date we'll tell you what games (if any) will be tested. We'll bring published games because we won't always be testing. We do not currently know where the meetups will take place, but a comic book or game store in northern/central jersey is likely, though a restaurant or beer hall is also a good candidate as well.

If you are a developer, we have a facebook group that is for developers only. Please message the mods for a link to join.


Disclaimer: don't be put off by the location of Jersey City. In all likelihood we will be having events in different places to accommdate both the developers (who come from a wide area) and playtesters as well. Meetup requires a "base location" if you will, and we are not going to be limited to one and only one location.

Disclaimer 2: we won't JUST be playtesting. We will definitely have lots of cool games in case playtesters outnumber games to be tested.


Below are links to developers who will be demo'g or playtesting their games. Feel free to check them out to get an idea of what games we might be showing.

This Meetup is run by me, William Angus and I am the sole person behind Kitten Kaiju Games. I have two games in development, 30 Seconds to Live (2P zombie survival card game) and Kitten Round Up (3P board game) Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/Kitten-Kaiju-Games-2253727688230922/

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Game Day: Jersey City

Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden

Game Day: Morris

All In One Collectibles

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