• Game Day: Jersey City

    Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden

    Join us at Zepplin Hall in jersey City 1-5PM Sunday April 28th. Bring your favorite games or playtest ours! I will be playtesting my 2p zombie card game called "30 Seconds to Live", aka "30 Seconds to Get the Human" if you want to be the zombies. There will be other developers with games to be tested and we'll announce them shortly

  • Game Day: Morris

    All In One Collectibles

    Our first game day will be held at 1PM and run till whenever people get bored and leave. It will be held at All in One Collectables, 540 Route 10 West, Randolph. its right opposite the Randolph Diner. They can seat about 45 people, but it is a Saturday it won't be dead there. Its our first meetup so please let us know if you're coming. If there any questions please ask! and it would be great if you post what games you might bring so other members get a sense of what will be available. The store doesn't have game copies that we can just use so bring the games you like. I'll bring some games such as Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, King of Tokyo, Monsters Menace America and The Thing to name a few. I have lots of quick and easy card games that I will bring also. I will also be bringing a game of my own design called "30 Seconds to Live", a 2P fast paced zombie vs human card game. When I say fast paced I mean FAST PACED. Players have 30 seconds to take their turn before the other player gets to go and no game lasts more than 15m.