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I am so excited that you joined!

If you haven't already, Prepare your material, I need you to make sure you have all your material ready so that when we meet we will have one person go up at a time and Perform their material it is limited to 8 minutes each. Then I will critique your performance as well as the rest of the crew in a constructive way. Have at least 3 minutes of material.

I will be judging on:

1. Confidence
2. Poise
3. Verbal Projection
4. Ease of Natural delivery vs scripted
5. Pace
6. Timing
7. Eye Contact
8. Ability not to stutter or say umm or ahh
9. Ability to animate and personify material
10. Cool factor ( leaving the wanting more feeling and your image)

I will find new venues and we will practice your material in front of a real crowd. Once I think your ready for some stage time which you will be placed in a paying gig.

All comedy must be as clean, non religious, non political and Refrain from cursing.

This group is for people who think they are good enough to make people laugh using their intelligence and ability to create great jokes.

To give you motivation, in the past; we helped two comedians get booked at least once a month or more and they are clean comedians.

Also, we have famous comedians which are part of this group already!!!!

There will be more to join throughout the year. So lets make this year count!!!!

Your Coach & Group Organizer,

Rick K. AKA Luminattix Esquire

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