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Starting over or rebuilding your life or your self worth at any age is difficult but it seems harder as you get older. Feelings can take over rationale and it's much easier to exclude yourself from the crowd than enjoy them. Yet talking about your feelings of helplessness, shame, guilt, betrayal, anger, remorse and that scar in your heart can be very therapeutic and especially with the ones who are in the same boat. Whatever you are facing - be it marriage, children, finance, trust, job/career, friends or just yourself - you don't need to walk that path alone. I would like to start a friends/support group for people who are starting over after age of 40+ here in North Jersey.

I just went through and still am going through a trauma that left me so blank in many ways including trust and find that I couldn't speak to my family about it out of shame and guilt. But at the same time I found it rather freeing to talk about it. Listening to similar cases online was soothing but I want to meet real people who are in the face of challenges and want to support them. Supporting others will support myself in return.

We can empower each other to rebuild ourselves, our lives. Any challenges you face, this doesn't have to be the end. And YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I believe that we can form a community here in North New Jersey without crossing the Hudson River. If you can relate please join. Let's help each other and ourselves to move on and enjoy life again. Whatever you are going through, you can turn it to be the best thing that ever happened to you!

I am new to this. I've been a MeetUp member for years but attended only a few events. Never thought about forming a group but here I go. Hope to meet you and a, open for co-organizers.

This is a free group. You only pay for your own food/drinks if necessary. Rebuilding a life may have left you to be frugal. I'd like to keep our meetups as low-cost as possible to join and enjoy.

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