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If you love books and reading, and would like to come together with other booklovers to discuss the books that are lighting up your life, then please join us. I created this group to meet other lovers of reading and to connect to people in the area. Having been a member of a book group in the past I really miss that connection. The book club also keeps in in line, it would be so easy some times to let life get in the way and do something else, work, clean well you get the idea. Reading has been my passion for as long as I remember it makes me think, gives me perspective. allows me to have a good cry or a rumbling belly laugh, this club keeps those memories at the front of my mind and introduces me to books that I would have never have picked up otherwise.

We will meet every month (4th Tuesday of each month) in the North Lakes / Mango Hill area to chat the good, bad and the ugly in what we are currently reading. We have moved away from having a book of the month (everyone reads at different speeds and likes a different genre, so we all discuss what we are reading and discuss). Some of my now favourite books are ones that were recommended by members of the book club and ones that I would never have read otherwise.

If I was very honest we also tend to discuss current affairs what's happening the world and a whole host of those things not just books.

In his book How to Read and Why, Harold Bloom says that we should read slowly, with love, openness, and with our inner ear cocked. He explains we should read to increase our wit and imagination, our sense of intimacy–in short, our entire consciousness–and also to heal our pain. “Until you become yourself, what benefit can you be to others.” With the endless amount of perspectives and lives we can read about, books can give us an opportunity to have experiences that we haven’t had the opportunity to, and still allow us to learn the life skills they entail. Books are a fast rack to creating yourself.

Location will be shown to new members. Bring along you past and current readings to discuss.

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