What we're about

Events for 50+ North Londoners. Aiming to establish a community where members can meet new friends, learn new skills, discover new hobbies and socialise.

Planning meals out with wine, wine tastings, parties, theatre visits, comedy club, pub meetings, film and coffee evenings and perhaps some BBC recordings.

I have taken over this group as the new organizer. Previously there had been no events at all and the organizer, whoever that was, has resigned. With your support I may be able to turn the group into something lively and vibrant with many events.

The edited name of the group is not meant to be a strict age barrier but only a general guide to the members age group. Nor are members limited to North London but are free to join if they can travel to our events.

To get some idea of what might appeal to members I have listed a poll where you can vote on a few types of events which you would be most interested in. Please take a moment and list a few, perhaps 3-4 which would be of most interest to you.

Unlike many organisers on Meetup, I am in favour of proper communication and welcome texts or site messages and will usually reply quickly. Do not use site messages for anything urgent that needs a reply within 24 hours though, that is what texts are for! But please do not phone as I cannot answer if with clients or driving. Although I do have voicemail activated, I do not listen to voice messages very often so please use texts or site messages.

Lets see if we can make this a success but that depends on you, the members!

Tony Glazier


07956 440480 for texts only please.

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