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Learn how to manage your internal landscape and make desired changes with SELF-HYPNOSIS.

Alexander Fidelman, Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, will teach you a very practical and easy-to-learn system for self-hypnosis to transform your fears, raise self-esteem, build confidence and reach your goals.

He will also facilitate a group hypnosis session which will help you open and align all major energy centers and improve energy flow in your body.

You will learn first-hand how raise your own vibrational frequency and drastically improve your emotional state with a powerful Focusing and the Core Transformation techniques and learn how to navigate the internal landscape of your subconscious mind.

You can watch a video synoposis (https://youtu.be/12DH2b7070I) of the previous HypnoPower workshop here (https://youtu.be/12DH2b7070I).

Our trainings cover the following points:

- why affirmations do not work for most people and how to really make them work;

- how to talk to your subconscious directly;

- how to comfort the critical faculty of your mind and convince it to "take a walk" whilst you make deep unconscious changes without any resistance;

- how to communicate with a resisting part and integrate it into complete personality;

- efficient ways to find the true positive intention behind any unresourceful behavior and come up with acceptable alternative;

- how to create smart goals and put them into the context of well-formed outcomes;

- various methods to self-induce trance;

- 3-2-1 Betty Erickson method;

- focusing technique to uncover and transform emotions;

- guided hypnosis exercise to align all energy centers (chakras) in the context of a specific goal;

- the basics of the Deep Trance Identification to create your future;

- and much more.

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