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Sorry, but I've got to get this off my chest before I write the description...

PLEASE keep your RSVP current and DO NOT sign up for this event unless you're SURE you can come. We are all big girls here... it's not hard to commit and stick to it- THANK YOU! ;) Last month we had some people who signed up and didn't show up, which caused other ladies to miss a chance to play, and this really PISSED ME OFF. PLEASE BE MORE COURTEOUS THAN THAT LADIES!!!! UPDATE YOUR RSVPS!

Ok, that being said, we really are a friendly group :). Please feel free to join us!

It's ok if you don't know how to play Bunco. You can come and learn!

Please bring a food dish/drink to share. Please comment on what you will be bringing so we don't have too much of anything, but still have enough.

What you'll need for Bunco:
$10 buy-in to play
(please bring exact $ - if we don't have $5 and $10 we can't give out the prize money)

Michele M has provided game rules so you can read over them if you're unfamiliar with the game:

The following are the rules we use:

1) Bunco games are typically comprised of 12 players. We do have ways to include others if the numbers aren't divisible by 4 at game time. We divide the group into tables, with four people at each table. People across from each other are teammates. However, keep in mind that this will change every round.

2) Each team will have a scorekeeper. This person will also play the game, but will be in charge of keeping track of points. Each table will have what they need to play: paper to write the scores down, 3 dice, and a pencil for each of the four people at the table.

3) Begin round one of the game. One person at the table will take the three dice and roll them. They will want to get as many 1s as possible, as this is Round 1. For each 1 that they roll, they get one point, unless they roll three 1s, which would be a 21 (the highest amount of points possible). This is called a "bunco", hence the name of the game. When a player gets a bunco, they should yell "Bunco!" If the player rolls three of a kind, but they're not 1s, they still get five points... this is called a Baby Bunco.

4) Let that player continue rolling until they can't score any more points (for instance, if they roll a 3, a 4, and a 6... as none of those are a 1, that player's turn would be over). After the first player at the table finishes rolling, they will pass the dice to the person to their left. Play continues until the head table (a.k.a. Table #1) gets 21 points.

5) Next will be round two, where everyone will be going for 2s, round 3, and so on up to round 6. After each round, the people with the highest scores go up to the next table, and the people who lost at the head table go back down to the lowest table (aka "the basement"). Keep scores by team (you and the person you're facing) and individually (how many buncos and baby buncos you've gotten). Playing all the way to round 6 completes one hand of the game. We will play 3 hands, with a break after hand two.

6) After all three hands are complete, each player adds up their individual wins, losses, baby buncos ,and buncos. Prize money is doled out to four winners, in order of amount: Most Wins, Most Losses, Most Buncos, and Most Baby Buncos. Score cards from players who did not win ANY prize money will be put together and additional prize winners will be drawn from the score cards.