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Empathic Empowerment provides resources for the open Empath. Our mission is one of empowerment, support, and education to provide and allow for the full expression and joy of our empathic abilities. If you have identified yourself as an Empath, one who is sensitive to the emotions and energies of other people, places, and things this Meetup creates a safe space to learn the skill-sets necessary for the full expression and expansion of empathic sensitivity. We will discuss and put into practice specific techniques that permit the Empath to stop hiding from the world we came to be immersed in. As an Empath, you possess super-powers, not a curse. Learn how to allow yourself the full glory of Being instead of hiding from a world you judge as too painful to engage with. Choose Freedom!

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North Olmsted Empathic Empowerment Meetup

Holistic Health and Healing

In each Meetup, we will clearly define common terms that have been misapplied to describe the Empath and our abilities. This permits clear communication as we will all have a common vocabulary to discuss all aspects of Being Empathic. Our Meetups do not require a rigid agenda for discussion, we will always follow the energy. We will discuss many different processes and methods to allow the Empath to begin creating their life as an expression of who they choose to Be, rather than a reaction to all the energy from the surrounding environment. We are NOT broken, over-sensitive, imagining things, and we do not just seek attention. Let's explore the way in which we intended to experience Life and learn new ways to make that Life enjoyable.

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1st Empathic Empowerment Meetup

Holistic Health and Healing

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