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This group is about meeting like-minded singles who are 50+ with the same interests and making new friends. We provide an environment that is fun, friendly, adventurous, spontaneous, non-judgmental, safe, and creative with people who are looking to build friendships, relationships, and memories. The average ages of this group are 50 and above, with a few exceptions on age.

Activities are held through-out Orange County area but sometimes we venture out to L.A. County, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Activities may include but not limited to: dinners, happy hour, cocktails, game nights, movies, Taco Tuesday, picnics, live music/ concerts, fairs, festivals, museums, wine tasting, road trips, hiking, picnics, sporting events, Zoom online video meetings, and volunteering, to name a few.

This group is for:

1. Single people that are 50+, who are in North Orange County, but welcome people from other areas and counties

2. Single people who want to experience fun activities/ events with other people.

3. Single people who don’t have time to meet new friends outside of work

4. Single people who want to expand their circle of friends

5. Single people whose friends have moved out of town or out of state

6. Single people whose friends are married and no longer have time to hang out

7. AND basically for single people who need or want to make new friends and/or relationships

If this sounds like the kind of group you’re looking for, come join us and be social!


We require that all members have a current, clearly identifiable photo of themselves (no obscuring sunglasses, hats, helmets, scarfs, group shot, etc.). This is for the safety and security of all our members and also allows us to recognize you at our events. The organizer(s)/ host(s) are responsible for determining adherence to this policy and may ask you to change or profile picture to comply with this requirement. Members who do not comply with this rule will be removed from the group. Also, any photographs taken/uploaded at an event may be posted on the group site to share and promote the group for the benefit of the community as a whole.

The RSVP process allows us to know how many people will be attending an event so we can make reservations to accommodate all attendees. If you plan to attend an event, you must RSVP. For example, if we reserve a large table for 10 people, and only 5 show up, then we are taking up a table that the restaurant or venue that could have used to seat a larger party, or if we RSVP for a party of 5 and 8 people show up, then we can not provide proper seating for everyone. Out of respect to each member, the restaurant/ venue, organizers and hosts. If you plan to attend an event we require that you RSVP, and if you can’t attend then please use the Meetup app on your Smartphone/iPhone to change your RSVP status, or by using a computer or text the organizer/ host. We believe that every member should be responsible and if a member no-showed without updating their status, and there is no notification with a reasonable explanation (emergency, accident, illness, car trouble, traffic) for the no-show within 6 hours after the event occurred, the member will be removed from the group. This policy is a requirement for membership to this group.

We are about the quality of our membership, not quantity. Each member is required to attend/ participate at least two Meetup events every 4 months. If you plan to attend an event we require that you RSVP. A periodic audit will be conducted and we will remove anyone from membership who doesn’t observe this policy.

This group is about developing and establishing friendships, relationships, and participating in activities with single people with common event interests. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. If you are being harassed, feel threatened or uncomfortable by someone's advances, please let us know right away. This also includes unwanted messages (emails), verbal abuse, negative talk, complaining, stalking, and following. Anyone who violates this rule will be immediately removed from the group, and if it is determined that a crime has been committed, then it will be reported to the authorities. With that said, we understand that sometimes friendships can develop into a romantic relationship. If that happens naturally, then you have our support and blessing.

For those members who park in parking garages/ structures to attend events, we ask that you use caution when coming and returning to your cars to avoid the possibility of being attacked or car-jacked. You can always ask another member to walk you to your car.

When you sign up and join our group and attend any event, you agree to the terms below:

If you join us for an event, please understand that you are responsible for your own preparedness and well-being and will hold no one else liable in case of injury or mishap. You agree not to hold the Organizer, Event Host(s), or any other members responsible/liable for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. This release extends and applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, damages, loss or liability.

Your attendance at an event signifies that you have read and accepted the terms of this liability waiver. When you RSVP for an event you understand that you are attending AT YOUR OWN RISK. Organizer(s) and Event Host(s) of this group are just that, we organize the events together as friends.

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