What we're about

Oasis is a Community of good, and a place for those of us who consider ourselves "non-religious" to come together to celebrate the human experience. We understand that vibrant communities are central to human happiness and well-being. That’s why we need Oasis: to provide a place for like-minded individuals and families to connect, be inspired and feel empowered. We are a community guided by reason, and connected by compassion.

You can find out more about Oasis by going to: http://www.NetworkOasis.org

This group is designed to connect secular, humanist individuals and families of the North Orlando area, providing thought-provoking, enlightening, entertaining, and sometimes meaningful content, both through online content and in person events, or activities, wish may also include; larger group gatherings, small community groups, interest based community groups, volunteerism, and occasional activism.

We are a community of good, guided by reason, connected by compassion, based on shared values.

You can find us on facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254259351611964/

Upcoming events (3)

Volunteer Meet n Greet - Importance of Community

Eddies place

Join us for our second official get-together/social, for those of you who are either planning on volunteering with Oasis, or just interested in getting more information. This will be a super casual hang-out to get to know each other more, over light refreshments and meaningful conversation focused on the Importance of Building Meaningful Community. We'll also be discussing future plans and have an opportunity to speak, live via video conference, other Oasis volunteers from other parts of the country to discuss their experience starting an Oasis Chapter from scratch, and gain valuable insights about what we're doing. You won't want to miss this awesome event! :-) As always, if you can't make it, the content will be streamed live, and posted afterwards for you to view. Thanks!

Oasis Picnic in the Park

Needs a location

Come out alone, or with the family and bring some awesome food/drinks for a potluck lunch in this beautiful Florida weather. For adults and families with older children we will be playing a round of Frisbee Golf, using the cities provided course which basically wraps around this park, and for families with younger children, this playground is a perfect place to enjoy the early afternoon. We will have a very brief meeting during lunch about the vision for Oasis, future plans for the group, and discuss future activities both for social, and volunteerism. This will be a great time to get to know each other in a low-key fun environment. You won't want to miss this great meetup! Please don't forget to bring your own Frisbees, one per person preferred.

Volunteer Opportunity - NAMI Walk-a-thon

Cranes Roost Park

Hi! One of the greatest benifits of a community like Oasis is the ability for us to get together and accomplish bigger things than we could each accomplish together, including volunteering, fundraising, support, etc.. We have been looking for opportunities to do this, and great organizations to support, and I'm pleased to announce one of these opportunities! It's actually for an organization that I personally have donated to(in the form of a massive discount on my DJ services) for the last three years... It's called NAMI, which stands for National Association of Mental Illness. Dedicated to removing the stigma and providing support for mental illness, and those effected by it. Every year, the Orlando chapter does a HUGE walk-a-thon at cranes roost park, which as I mentioned, I DJ for... but this year, in addition to the donation in the form of discounts I give them for my services, I wanted to organize a walking team, and I thought Oasis would be the perfect group to do it with! So, please mark you calendars for the last Saturday of April... April 25th. I think it starts at 8am. We will enjoy great food, music(by me), lots of free giveaways, great fellowship together, and all for a great cause! Afterwards we will all plan on meeting for lunch if you want. I've attached a photo from the first walk I've ever done. You'll have a great time, and feel very rewarded afterward! I believe the way it works is that you get pledges of support from your friends and family per lap... then we walk around cranes roost to great music and a positive fun atmosphere to raise the funds. Please check out their website: https://namigo.org/

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