Learn To Play Dungeons & Dragons!

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What to expect: we’ll start by choosing from the pregenerated characters that are included in the box set to play through the game with (two fighters, a cleric, a wizard, and a rogue). If more than 5 people show up, we’ll play characters collaboratively - which is to say if 10-15 people show up, then two-to-three people will collaboratively play each character, making decisions, rolls and deductions together. This is ideal for a learn-to-play setting and makes for an even more social experience. We did this with great success in each of our sessions to-date, where 10 & 14 players were in attendance for each.

We're going to dive right in and pick up where we left off after our May 21 game. If you were not in attendance, not to worry! We'll provide a full recap of the previous session's story to make sure everyone knows what's going on.

Learning will occur as we play through the adventure, and we'll stop for brief rule explanations in their proper context as needed. The Basic Box Set is “rules light,” designed specifically for new players who have no experience. So if you’re concerned about your lack of rules knowledge, don't be! This is the environment you want to be in!

It will take anywhere for 6-12 events to get through the Lost Mines Of Phandelver (this is event no. 3), so if you can’t make an event, not to worry. Drop into whatever sessions fit into your schedule and we'll make sure to fill you in on the details.

Please RSVP if you’d like to attend this event so I can properly prepare. I’d appreciate it.