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Vision & current campaign expanded below.


Our Grand Opening will be Oct 15th!! We will be running a one shot for this first event. A one-shot is a game that is designed to provide a complete independent gaming experience from start to finish. It may be continued if it works well but it is designed not to.

After our first sessions to establish tables we will be running: Dragon of Icespire.



• is the focus of everything we do.


• ages 12+ welcome, new players, all personality types.

• Schedules: A weekly meeting & a weekend meeting every week.


• Appropriate Tablesize: 3 - 5 players per table

• Shared Prep: DMs can choose to be on the same campaing as the community as a whole so prep work is shared and lesseend.

• Tools & Props: Onsite tools and props to help the DM like, condition rings, maps, minatures, etc.

• DM Mentorship: for new DMs or those who want to up their game.


• Each table has a specific play style associated with from: Heavy Role Play, Combat focused, HARD MODE, Politicking and more!

• We want you to be able to focus on things that matter to you.


• We pool resources so the community can leverage economies of scale, this could come in the form of food, DnD beyond campaign accounts (so all players get access for free if they are added to a DM's campaign who is on a subscription).


• Ultimately we want our community to allow people who have little kids to come and bring their kids where childcare would be provided on site (but in a way that does not take away from the immersion of the tables). On site we have a park within 5 min walk, backyard pool, safe culdasac, gated community, and much more.

• We seek to create a place where no players want to come, play with the kids in the community and have a good time.

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Dragons of ice spire Saturday game

Online event

Dragons of ice spire Saturday game

Online event

Dragons of ice spire Saturday game

Online event

Dragons of ice spire Saturday game

Online event

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