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Angels, Ghosts and Spirits Guides

Open discussion meetup
March 26th, Tuesday : 6:30 - 7:30pm Free
Moxie Nutrition: 5443 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107 (just off Market St.)

A mysterious stranger appears, just in time to save you or a loved one from the jaws of death, only to disappear without a trace...

A soft voice whispering by your ear: go this way, not that way...

We've all heard of ghosts, whether around the campfire or maybe even experienced a room suddenly going cold, hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, or you've seen... something.

Come Join us as we discuss the mythology, types, roles and existence of:
- Angels, from the Greek, àngelos, meaning messenger, the celestial beings who act as intermediaries between heaven and earth.
- Spirit Guides; what are they, who are they are and how many do each of us have.
- Ghosts; how they came to be and the differences between spirits.

Bring your questions and stories!