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The authentic self group meets at my house: Te Whare Wananga o te Whiti te Ra (The school house of the rising sun). It is a space to connect with yourself. All the self help books say the same thing - do things for yourself. Express your true self. They only differ in their methods and their stories. We have read a lot of these books and put them into action in our lives. We recommend books all the time but you don't want to read - you want to just DO IT. "Most experiences in our lives that we find transcendent - whether illicit vices or socially sanctioned ritual and social practices as diverse as exercise, meditative prayer, or even charitable giving - activate an anatomically and biochemically defined pleasure circuit in the brain... Evolution has, in effect, hardwired us to catch a pleasure buzz from a wide variety of experiences from crack to cannabis, from meditation to masturbation, from Bordeaux to beef." - Sam Harris, Waking up - a guide to spirituality without religion.

We want to provide experiences where you can discover what creates a transcendence experience for you. Josh Kaufman wrote a book called "The First 20 hours - how to learn anything... Fast!" And we apply those principles to our workshops. You can expect...
- meditation
- dance
- music
- nature walks
- journaling
- colouring
- rock climbing
- swimming
- authentic relating
- cooking classes maybe? I don't know, we will figure it out! Let's get weird and unique and authentic.

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Non men only full moon gathering

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Circling Afternoon

Rachel's Place

Watch Before the Flood documentary

Birkdale Community House

Charisma Games

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