What we're about

Keen to come join in some fun Cycling Rides?

We will host a good variety of ride terrain which could include concrete cycle paths/back country sealed roads along with stretches of non sealed roads aka gravel roads.
At each ride If enough ride attendees, we will post a tail end rider along with corner markers

Feel free to ride your ride. You can choose to exit the ride whenever you wish; Provided you have notified our lead rider that you have completed your ride.

SPEED: We are a good medium Avge speed riding group only, as out focus is on enjoyment of our ride out.

FASTER RIDERS: If you are a faster rider you will need to stay midfield as our focus is on enjoyment for everyone outside of cycle racing. Our Group Rides will not be focussed around Race Riding. For those looking for Race Pace Riding you will need to find a Group more suited for your needs

SLOWER RIDERS: Slower riders please view our rides to gain good fitness and to look to improve each ride out. Join us for as little or as many kms you would like.

WHAT BIKES?: All makes and models of push bikes most welcome. Ebikes/mountain bikes/hard tails/cross country - your choice of bike

FURTHER PENNED ADVENTURES: Periodically for those that are interested we will meet at various cycle trails around the country.

*****FREE Cycle Group with no fees for assistance or otherwise

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Waiwera Back Country Adventure

Waiwera River Bridge Carpark

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