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CLASS IS NOW FULL. next Intermediate course will be in early 2019.

This is the follow-on course from Beginners. It is the first of two 5-week Intermediate courses. Each week is a two-hour session of face-to-face learning. It is expected that personal practice between session will be undertaken by students

The outcomes include:

*Increase picking skills for melody
*Learn to pick and strum as an introduction to *Travis-style picking
*Increased chord vocabulary using dominant 7ths up the neck.
*Learn the triple strum and consolidate chuck and fan strum.

This is the pre-requisitie course for Intermediate 2, where the blues and chromatic scales and more chords up the neck are explored in more detail.

We will use a couple of new pieces including the basic 12-bar blues. The pace is relaxed and, whilst challenging, is not as intense as the beginner course. It has 10 face-to-face hours of directed learning.

Material is presented in both notation and TAB, and weekly revision videos provided to all enrolled students.


*Must have your own instrument
*Can tune and maintain their ukulele

Either have completed the Willoughby Uke Beginners' course (Ian Porter's beginner course), or/and can play:

*Basic C major and C-pentatonic scales
*The following chords in first position (below the 5th fret):
A, A7,Am,Am7, Bb, C, Cmaj7, C7, C6, D, D7, Dm, Dm7, E, E7, Em, Em7, F, Fadd9, F7, G, G7, Gm, Gm7, G6
*Basic Finger and thumb strums, both up and down, Island/Calypso strum, off-beat strumming, on-beat strumming.
*Can read TAB, and/or music notation.