Past Meetup

Kick Up Your Heels (and everything else) in KICKBOXING!!

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Previous Boxing meetup attendees WELCOME!!

Bring a friend or loved one - all ages/all fitness levels.

This FREE class is led by my personal favorite trainer Andrew. He is an EXTREMELY conscientious trainer with regard to newbies and people with limitations, but he can also light a fire under people who want to rocket! He's easy on the eyes, too! ;)

You'll learn Roundhouse Kicks, Push Kicks, Blocks and even the Superman Punch! Great music and lots of fun!

The class lasts an hour and is led by a trainer who will teach us the moves and guide us through warm up, kick-boxing with a bag, ab work & stretching. You will be working with a bag - you will not be hit! Your first class is free and all equipment is provided.

Upon arrival you will fill out a registration form, then the Title staff will wrap your hands and give you gloves. You will sweat, so wear something comfortable that you can move in and bring water!

If you want to work hard you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour (seriously - one person regularly burns over 900 calories according to a heart rate monitor), or just have a good time laughing with your friends. I honestly don't know a single person who tried it and didn't like it.