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Flag Pole Hill Fly-In - Saturday, 8/18

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Our next MeetUp will be a fly-in at Flag Pole Hill Park in Dallas, just north of White Rock Lake. There are some nice wide open spaces, trees for shade, a view of the lake, and … a flag! There are two main parking areas - we'll be meeting at the parking lot that’s near the flag pole. As usual with our summer fly-ins, BRING LOTS OF WATER and cool clothing. There are some trees for shade, but if you have your own shade, bring that too. More details to come as we get closer. Come hang out with other drone geeks and have some fun! See you Saturday 8/18; I’ll be the guy with the green umbrella!

As of Friday, 8/10, the forecast shows a nice day on Saturday 8/18. Watch for an email or message the Friday before on whether we are a go for that Saturday.

Also, see the uploaded image for details regarding the AIRSPACE, SAFETY, and ALTITUDE notes below.

DFW Airport's Class B airspace ends on the west side of the park, so that means most of the park is in Class G airspace (see the image). For commercial Part 107 pilots, you can fly there without using the LAANC system. For those of you flying as Hobbyists, technically you are supposed to notify airports and heliports within 5 miles. According to the Airmap app, there are about 8 heliports within that radius. HOWEVER...I have contacted most of those heliports and have gotten their agreement to allow us to make one call for the whole group. I'm checking to make sure we're covered for all heliports; I will send an update a few days before the fly-in.

This park has nice open fields, but there are also some trees to watch out for. There are power lines on the far west and near the Pavilion but they are also near the trees so they shouldn’t be a problem. As usual, don’t fly over roadways with traffic - the trickiest area is south of the flag pole. If you’re circling the flag, just be sure not to fly over Northwest Highway. And there will probably be people in the park - please avoid flying over any people.

Since this is Class G airspace, both commercial and hobbyist pilots can potentially fly up to 400 feet. But… we’re within 3 miles of two heliports so be on the lookout for helicopters. Also…VERY IMPORTANT: you’ll be taking off near the top of a hill. As you fly down to some parts of the park, your Altitude indicator in your app will show NEGATIVE altitudes. This is normal, but it's a little trickier to make sure you’re not too close to the ground or trees. Please maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times to make sure you’re flying high enough.