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Drum Circle - Beginner / Instructional

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Kevin M.


Instructional drum circles provide the opportunity to learn how to journey, to practice journeying with live drumming for support, and to connect with and deepen one’s partnerships with helping spirits. More experienced practitioners are welcome and encouraged to attend these instructional circles as well for review, for more opportunities to practice, and to participate in the discussion.

We'll start right at 12PM, so please arrive on time.

Please do not wear any strong fragrances, to which many of us are sensitive.

Wear comfortable clothing, layered for temperature flexibility, and you may want to wear socks so that you can journey comfortably with your shoes off.

It is highly recommended that eat only lightly before coming and that you avoid alcoholic and other non-prescription mind altering substances for the 24 hours prior to the drum circle, which will help you to be centered, to concentrate, and to fully honor and appreciate your experiences.

Bring a large handkerchief, a bandana, or other eye covering for journeying.

Bring a pen and notebook to record your journey experiences.

The room has a hard floor, and you are are encouraged to bring your own bedroll, blanket, pillow, or whatever else you might need to be comfortable lying on the floor for journeying. Those who prefer to sit while journeying are welcome to do so.

You may bring your own drum and/or rattle, but they are not required.

1227 W McDermott Dr · Allen, TX
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