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Herbal Study Group - Arthritis
Do suffer from arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid)? Come and learn about natural solutions to help with inflammation and pain. Your Botanical Expert, Varsha has helped many people with these debilitating conditions and can teach about self help to minimise pain, inflammation and allow you to carry on activities that you need to in your day to day life. Evening class means you can attend after work and find out how herbs can help you. BOOKING IS VIA EVENTBRITE:

Devonshire House

582 Honeypot Lane · Stanmore HA7 1JS

Respond by: 9/26/2018

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NW London Herbal Friends

You've reached a unique meetup group for people who like herbs.

Whether you enjoy cooking with herbs, using them medicinally or just want to know more about them, please join us in celebrating their natural beauty and potential to keep us healthy.

When we meet up we enjoy meeting friends with the same interest and passion for herbs that we have. We like to share our experiences of using herbs to help with our health. We also share growing tips, seeds, herbs, and we love to learn more about the folklore, historical uses and modern scientific research behind some of the remedies available now.

Seeing as we are a health conscious bunch, we have also organised events that are linked to living a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Some examples of our events are:

Herb walks

Herbal workshops

Growing herbs

Herbal/flower pressing

Talks on herbs for specific health problems

Making herb infused oils, creams, tinctures etc

Herbal tea tastings

Visits to botanical gardens

Visiting herb farms

Visits to natural health exhibitions

Members can also make suggestions for future events.

Currently there is no membership fee and events are either free or have nominal charges. Travel costs to events and entrance fees to exhibitions are usually at your own cost (check individual event details).

If you are as passionate about healthy living and herbs as we are, you are going to find this group fascinating and informative.

Join now and tell a friend to join too.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Vanaspati Herbal Medicine

where you can have a private health consultation with a qualified medical herbalist who will help you with your health concerns holistically. As well as herbal medicine being prescribed, you can get advice about diet, nutrition, weight, supplements, health foods and home remedies.

As a member of this group you are entitled to £20 off your first consultation!

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