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During the period of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to consider how our walks can be conducted, whilst keeping participants safe and meeting the rules and laws affecting gatherings for the purpose of engaging in outdoor physical activity.
Reference is made below to the social nature of our walks. However, during this period, the social aspect has had to be restricted.
This is a group for people who want to get out and about in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Generally, our walks will vary between 5 and 12 miles.

To participate in our walks you will need to be reasonably fit.

You and your guests should also be aware that Event Hosts are not trained guides, leaders or first aiders. Event Hosts exist to facilitate a Meetup event. The Event Host is not in charge of the event and has no personal responsibility or liability for anyone attending the event. For this reason, neither the Group nor Event Hosts carry liability or any other kind of insurance. You and your guests participate in events at your own risk. You should tailor your expectations accordingly. It is your responsibility to make your guest(s) aware of their responsibilities. It is your responsibility to make your guest(s) aware of the above.

By participating in an event, you are indicating that both you and your guest(s) accept these conditions and accept also that no liability attaches to the Group, organisers or event hosts in the event that you or your guests sustain injury, however caused.

Walks may be subject to prior reconnaissance, but not always. Try to take evidence of occasional navigational frailty in your stride.

It might be necessary to limit numbers on some events. Hopefully, this will occur only rarely as we seek to be a truly inclusive group.

Unless you are known to the Organiser, your profile should include a photo of you, We want to be able to recognise you so that hopefully you won't get left behind at the start of an event.

You will be charged £2 on the day for every Meetup event that you attend. This will be used to meet the subscription fees levied by Meetup and the cost of checking the route of walks. If we find that this is too much, we will lower the price. Conversely, if we are unable to meet the expenses of our Group from the subscriptions collected, we will ask for more. The Group does not exist for the purpose of making a profit. Participation in our Group requires expenditure by the individual, whether meeting your responsibility to ensure that you are kitted out with equipment appropriate to the activity you are engaged in and in getting yourself to the location of the activity. It is the responsibility of attendees to ensure that they are appropriately equipped to participate in an event. Walking boots and outerwear appropriate to the conditions are essential, together with food, drink, first aid kit and protection from sun, rain and cold.

Initially there will be no charge if you withdraw from an event at any time up to the published start time. We acknowledge that circumstances change, often at short notice, requiring participants to change their plans. However, we ask that you give as much notice as possible and alter your status to 'Not Going', so that the viability of the event can be assessed.

In common with other groups, we will monitor members' attendance record and interest in the Group (demonstrated by visits to the Group's website). Failure to participate in a group activity for a period of 4 months or failing to visit the group’s site for a period of 2 months will signify that we have nothing to offer that is of interest to you. Your membership will be terminated to create a place for someone else. You will be free to apply to re-join at any time.

That's the end of the formal stuff. Let's get on and enjoy ourselves, Keep healthy and meet new friends whilst exploring the gift of the Yorkshire countryside that has been granted us.

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