What we're about

Denver has a thriving improv and stand-up scene. It’s time to bring the sketch comedy scene into the limelight. Here's the dream-plan (everything is flexible and nothing is required):

• Weekly or fortnightly writing meetups. Probably alternating locations North, South, and Central Denver.

• Monthly or every-other-monthly "Doozies." A Doozy is somewhat like an open mic. sign up, bring your material, cast, and what have you, and then perform it in front of a small, supportive audience of your fellows. Or just come and watch. Don't have a cast? We'll figure out how to make it work.

• Eventually, once we figure out who wants to work and which witty wizzes work well with which whimsical writers, we can work together to find venues and coordinate some sort of an annual showcase show, or shoot short videos, or set up some regular gigs.

• or just network and meet others who might want to put something together. There's no strings, man. It's just a meetup.

• Occasional meetups to see and support sketch comedy in the Denver area.

I've noticed some other meetups seem to be just sneaky ways for the organizer to push a book or a class or something. This is not a class. This is not an opportunity for people to push products or services. This is a genuine attempt to stoke the fires that could drive a local sketch comedy community.

Join if you enjoy writing, performing, or watching sketch comedy. Join to test your material. Join to meet others who might want to form a team. Join to plant the seeds of a growing sketch comedy forest.

Past events (6)

Meeting south

Panera Bread

Sketch Comedy Meeting North (Boulder)

Boulder Public Library - George Reynolds Branch

Meeting South (Centennial)

Smoky Hill Library (Arapahoe Libraries)

Meeting North (Boulder)

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

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