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This group is for any LGBTQ people interested in regular social meetings and activities with others who are 'on the rainbow'.You are very welcome please for more details about us and what events we have on kindly look us up or contact us. We ask that interested members have a profile picture and show other Meetups that they've joined as this is fairer to everyone else. We have a private venue (with full facilities) for our Group's meetings which can be either a social evening on its own or can include an organised event as well. Either way, there's an opportunity for members to chat, drink, meet and participate if they want to.Our Meetups includes social evenings (with no events planned) which are great for new members to have a look around and be welcomed to the group in a relaxed atmosphere.Let us know if you've got a great idea for a successful meetup or want to volunteer to be an assistant at an event. Come and see for yourself.....

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Eagle Bank Holiday

Eagle London

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