Past Meetup

Pizza By Alex Chicago style pizza - Joint meetup with another meetup group


*** Note the time change from 12:30PM to 1:30PM.
This was done to sync with the other pizza focused meetup group that changed their time.


We normally don't do food focused meetups, but just incase anyone's interested in great Chicago style, I'm part of another meetup that seeks out the best pizza in town, and we're going to this place - Pizza By Alex, in Garland on Jan 18.

Pizza lovers This place is possibly the only place around town that has authentic deep dish Chicago style pizza - buttery crust, lots of fresh mozzarella, topped with thick chunky home made sauce.

The other group turnout will probably be around 5-6 people, so if we turn out to be another 5-6, we should have a nice little group.

...Again, nothing terribly important or interesting this time - only great Chicago pizza, but if that's your thing, come join us!


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