Past Meetup

Crawfish Boil (Plus Sausage and beer) !


Event Details:

Hey People!
I've been searching for a good local crawfish boil to schedule a meetup at, and this one seemed like the best.

It's $20, which includes all-u-can-eat fresh boild crawfish, smoked sausage, 'fixins' (corn, potato, etc.) and beer -- Yes, price includes unlimited (or at lest until the kegs run out) beer! (Also non-alcoholic drinks, such as lemon aid).

There will also be 2 bands --a blues band and a blue grass band.

Note that although hosted by a church, it is a not a religious event, though it is a family oriented community atmosphere, so all are welcome.

The following is the public link describing the event:

Purchasing Tickets and RSVP:

The hosts need a somewhat accurate RSVP count to ensure they have enough crawfish and kegs of beer, hence they strongly request we pre-buy tickets, either from the church it self, or through the following on-line sales link (which has a small sale charge added):

If you are undecided, it is possible to just show up at the door and pay, but they really stressed that that should be avoided if at all possible.

When you RSVP this event, please make sure to take attention to specify if you are a definite or maybe, how may are in your party, and if you are pre-buying a ticket or not.

I will count those who say they are coming but not pre-buying their ticket and give that to the host as a rough count of non-confirmed "probably's".

He says he orders the crawfish about a week before the boil, so we need to do our best to get the best possible head count by around Saturday, April 28th.

Please stay tuned for event updates, and always feel to contact me directly with questions.


(c) 972-814-1730