Scott's Savage Worlds "Trailer Park Shark Attack!"

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North Jersey Geeks & Nerds
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Every week on Sunday

Jim Dandy's of Rutherford

102 Park Avenue · Rutherford, NJ

How to find us

We are often in the front on the left, but may also be on the right or in the back area.

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The trailer park is flooded with sharks! Can you survive? Pick a character at random. If you get chewed in half by a shark, pick another ‘Parker and keep playing.

Trailer Park Shark Attack! is a Savage Worlds disaster shark adventure that is in the same chum-filled vein as made-for-TV shark movies that are so bad they’re good.

Storyteller Sundays feature role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Shadowrun and others. These games can include campaigns, multi-session stories or single modules. If you are interested in running a game, please let us know. We will post which games are running when possible.

Bring your imagination and appetite! Jim Dandy's has on-street parking and great food, so plan to arrive a little early to find a good spot and order food before the fun starts!