Sunday Game Day - RPGs (The Mutant Epoch!) & Board & Card Games

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Every week on Sunday

Jim Dandy's of Rutherford

102 Park Avenue · Rutherford, NJ

How to find us

We will either be in the front window on the left when you walk in, or the back room depending on if they have a private party that day.

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Sunday Game Day includes both board and card games as well as RPG games. We will play both so come by and check it out. GMs looking to run a game, please let us know, anything goes. We will post what games are running for people who want to know ahead of time.
The Mutant Epoch™ post-apocalyptic RPG challenges your in-game persona to survive in an age of rediscovery, high adventure, savage conflict, and freakish mutants and machines. Characters work in small excavation teams making forays into ruined cities, through junk strewn wastelands, twisted forests, nightmarish swamps and across polluted seas. During their expeditions they must contend with mutant beasts, the environment, as well as raiders, cultists, and robotic forces, only to stake their place in the newly emerging barter forts and factional bastions of humanity.

Please note: Those players in attendance of the first session, with characters created in that first session are encouraged to bring those characters if they are interested. New characters will be created as well for those who are new, or just want new characters.

There is little continuity between the first and second sessions and no XP will be handed out (surviving the first was a indeed reward unto itself) so consider this still a one-shot.