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The MoonPool coven is a group that embraces the natural cycles of the universe. With a belief that Spirit can be found everywhere, we are committed to inclusion, gender neutrality, community building and empowerment. It is through our dedication to this path that we believe healing and magick happens! We are dedicated to spiritual growth, empowerment, fostering community and promoting healing change in ourselves and our world.

MoonPool clergy are available to perform Handfastings, Wiccanings, and other rites of passage. Contact us at info@moonpool.org for details.

We offer open Circles and workshops/classes to all respectful seekers, as well as Sabbats and coven membership for those wishing to make a greater commitment. We are an eclectic group, drawing strength from many traditions and disciplines.

!Please check out our website, http://www.MoonPool.org for dates and times, more events and details.

Upcoming events (5+)

Class and Open Circle-Magik and Ethics

Needs a location

Before one undertakes the aspects of ritual, spells, or magick, we should first address ethics. Ethics is defined as, "A set of principles of right conduct. b. A theory or a system of moral values. “In Wicca you often hear the word "ethics" with very little definition. What we are talking of here is the principles that govern the use of the Universal Power of Magick. The Wiccan Rede, "An it harm none, do what thou wilt" is the beginning of the just ethics of the Craft. Some other things to consider when discussing Craft ethics are the Three Fold Law, Revenge, and the attempt to force one’s will upon another against their will or without their knowledge. This class examines the basics as well as a foundation for utilizing a system that will be productive for all involved. Class begins at 6PM followed by Open Circle

Class & Open Circle - Wheel of the Year Class/Ostara Circle

UU Church of Haverhill

The Wheel of the Year is a continuing cycle of life, death and rebirth. Thus the Wheel reflects both the natural passage of life in the world and the revealing of connections with the greater world. By realizing how all are connected to the turning of the seasons we come to a deeper understanding of the ways we are connected to the God and Goddess. When they celebrate seasonal rites, Wiccans attempt to unite the essential identity that underlies all things. Class begins at 6 followed by Open Circle

Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire

Marriott Courtyard, Nashua

This is NOT a Moonpool event, but is a good way to get together for a fun time. The Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire features over 80 vendors and psychic readers, plus live musical acts, informative workshops and presentations, and fun for the whole family. Additional information: http://themagickalmarketplace.com/ Cost: General admission is $10 per day or $15 both Evening events $15

Class & Open Circle - History of Witchcraft

UU Church of Haverhill

One figure, above all, has haunted the human imagination since humans began to imagine: the witch. Witchcraft seems always to have been with us, but the curious will ask: where did it come from and where is it going? Anthropologists often define witchcraft as "the use of malevolent powers by psychic means without the need for ritual or charm". This may have been so for the days of the Inquisition but not for the contemporary western world where witches work magic through spells. This class provides a historical overview of how modern-day magic evolved from early man, the beliefs and customs of the Celts, and other ancient, Indo-European peoples. Class starts at 6PM followed by Open Circle

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Class & Open Circle - Auras

UU Church of Haverhill

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