A Tour of Azure DevOps + Automating Design Pattern Implementation with PostSharp


We are kicking off our new season by having three exciting presentations.

Presentation #1: A Tour of Azure DevOps
Speaker: Jack Lee

Azure DevOps is the newest evolution of the successful Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). In this presentation, Jack will give you a guided tour of the features of Azure DevOps. You will learn why Azure DevOps is such an invaluable tool for software development and management.

Presentation #2: Under the Hood of PostSharp
Speaker: Gael Fraiteur (PostSharp’s founder and principal engineer)

In this talk, Gael will give you an engineer-to-engineer guided tour of PostSharp internals, from the high-level architecture to the most interesting low-level details, and explains the reasoning behind them. Gael also chats about the most challenging aspects of running a development tool company.

Presentation #3: Automating Design Pattern Implementation with PostSharp
Speaker: Gael Fraiteur

Design patterns are now universally accepted and have significantly improved the way we design software. However, they have had relatively little impact on how we write code. Except rare exceptions like the 'using' or 'lock' keywords, most patterns must still be implemented by hand, resulting in large quantities of boilerplate code that must be validated by peer review. However, development tools could do a better job by automatically implementing some parts of the pattern, and automatically validating hand-written code against pattern rules. This talk shows how to remove this redundant code with aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and PostSharp, the reference AOP framework for .NET.


We have some cool swags and prizes to be given away. Be sure to RSVP to be eligible for the draw!

Speaker Bios

Jack Lee is a Microsoft MVP and an Azure Certified Consultant. He is an active Microsoft tech community contributor. He has given presentations at the Global Azure Bootcamp at Microsoft Canada, User Groups, and has helped organized and provided mentorship at various conferences and workshops. He is also the President of the North Toronto Cloud & DevOps User Group (NorthTorontoUG). You can follow Jack on Twitter @jlee_consulting and his user group @NorthTorontoUG.

Gael Fraiteur has been passionately programming since childhood; building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies based in Prague, Czech Republic. Gael is a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming and pattern-aware compilers. He speaks at developer conferences in Europe and the United States.