What we're about

Organizing backcountry skiing trips in the northeast backcountry, while fostering safety awareness and information for those just transitioning to bc skiing.

Group Rules:

* These are trips of peers, not led expeditions, so you must use your OWN judgement, and you assume all risk of your actions.
* Travel in your own 'bubble' and observe social distancing at all time (while COVID precautions are in effect).
* No-shows when others are counting on your presence to make an activity safe/feasible are a real downer. This group will have a 'two strikes' policy regarding no-shows (second un-communicated no-show will result in being booted from the group).

Prior backcountry experience not needed, but proof of avalanche rescue training and gear required when terrain calls for it.

For more information on training and gear: https://avtraining.org/

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Gear Talk

Online event

Hunter Mountain B-Side (Redux)

Hunter Mountain Trailhead

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